installing cams help plez.

i am in the middle of rebuilding my 06 yz450f. this is my first time rebuilding a four stroke and everything has gone smoothly until now. ive got the exhaust cam in first but im having a hard time getting the intake cam in. is there a special trick to this? or are my fat fingers just getting in the way :)

Do them at the same time - angle both inwards towards each other and down, then hook them under the chain (I mark my chain with a parts marker before taking it all apart) and push them down/straight simultaneously - a third hand is nice for this but you can do it alone too.

The cam in the center of the head and take a guess at where the chain should go. Then tilt it outward and roll it back along the chain until it drops in place. Check the marks, and reposition the cam as needed.

It does make it a little easier to leave the exhaust cam just sitting in the head with no cap, since it gives you a little extra slack to work with.

Carefully torque down the caps and double check your timing. DO NOT rotate the engine more than 90 degrees in either direction from TDC without the tensioner engaged.

i recommend replacing the cam chain. i had problems with mine

yeah i replaced my chain too. it was like 13 bucks at my dealer so why not. thanks alot i cant wait to ride its been down for about three weeks and im eager to see how this new flywheel works :)

what flywheel did u go with

i went with the heaviest gytr flywheel :)

thats the one i plan on going with

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