Ive just purchased my first New WR400 Y2K,first impressions GREAT!

But it hes that big black ugly tail pipe!

so this has to go for a ???????

what is recommended for the WR.

I have also read you can fit a torqua valve in the header?

Does anyone run one,and what will this give on performance?

Its Enduro spec,would the bike be fitted with a restrictor pin?how can i tell.

thx guys!


There is a plethura of posts on exhaust systems. All exhausts will be louder than stock (with the insert installed). If you pull the insert, and can live with the noise, your neighbors as well, than you can start looking for other exhaust systems. Any system will be a VAST improvement over stock (with the insert in).

I am running a FMF Power Bomb header and Stroker SX-1 silencer. This combo sounds as if it may be the quietest one available.

we can't pull the inserts on the uk spec tailpipes! there isn't one.

i bet we have the loudest standard pipe anywhere.

the above combo sounds the one to go for.fmf & stroker. go to two-dads & have it sent over. 1/3 parcels don't pay vat & purchase tax is like 2 1/2%.

are you prepared to throw a horse & rider? what about hours in the saddle listening to that row!

even the standard one wears you down after an hour.


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