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Engine Oil Leaving Left Side

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I have done a search, and all I can find are threads about the TRANNY Oil migrating into the engine side. Well, my ENGINE OIL is going to the tranny side, and I can not find any information on this. Any information would be great on which seals I need to change, and what "special" tools are req. Please take a look at the photo and let me know which parts that I need to order. Thanks for the help!:)


Ref # Description Part number

1 crankcase, RH 11100-MEB-770

2 tube, breather 11105-MEB-670

3 gasket, crankcase 11191-MEB-670

4 crankcase, LH 11200-MEN-670

5 valve, reed 18601-MBW-003

6 lever, clutch lifter 22810-MEN-670

7 plate, clutch lever 22813-MEB-670

8 bolt, stud (12 x 148) 90031-MEB-670

9 plate 90441-MEB-670

10 washer (8mm) 90474-333-000

11 guide, tube 90610-MEB-670

12 jet, oil (#120) 90901-MCF-000

13 bearing (6306) 91001-MEB-671

14 bearing 91002-MEB-671

15 bearing (9mm) 91006-HA0-003

16 bearing (33 x 38 x 8) 91022-KA4-740

17 bearing (12 x 16 x10) 91101-PZ9-000

18 oil seal (35 x 52 x 7) 91201-MEB-671

19 oil seal (39 x 56 x 7) 91202-MEB-671

20 oil seal (14 x 22 x 5) 91203-KK3-830

21 oil seal (20 x 33 x 5) 91203-MEB-671

22 oil seal (12 x 18 x 3) 91205-MEB-671

23 screw, flat (6 x 12) 93600-06012-0A

24 dowel pin (14 x 20) 94301-14200

25 clip, tube (b10) 95002-02100

26 bolt flange (6 x 40) 96001-06040-00

27 bolt flange (6 x 50) 96001-06050-00

28 bolt flange (6 x 65) 96001-06065-00

29 bolt flange (6 x 75) 96001-06075-00

30 bolt flange (8 x 65) 96300-08065-00

31 washer, sealing 90488-425-000

32 circlip (33mm) 90604-MEB-670

33 bolt flange (6 x 65) 96001-06065-00

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Its the same seal that leaks into the engine side as out of the engine side. #19 Im pretty sure.

^ x 2. Had the same on my 03

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Thanks guys, I have never changed one of these... any special instructions?? I was looking it up and seeing that some people use red locktite... does that go around the outside of the seal?

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I don't know if the seals go in differently on the 450s than the 250s. But On the 250s that I have done I have just pressed them in the proper depth. They have stayed put.

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thanks again for the information!

Well, I was taking my bike apart, for my yearly off season inspection,lube, etc. got the wheels off and then bike almost fell off the stand because of the weight wasnt balanced anymore... basically it tilted like crazy to the front....

heres the weird thing... all the oil that left my engine oil sight glass last time i rode(which is why i thought i had a seal problem), is now back???

What gives? do i not have a problem?? im confused... :)

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check #5. They use piston pulses to push the oil out of the crankcase into the sump. If that reed is sticky or hanging open your oil level when sitting cold could be kinda wierd.

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