WR450 fender different from YZ450 or YZ250?

i went to yamaha and asked them for a YZ450 rear fender, but the mounting bolts on the sides need to be about 2 inches wider in order to bolt on to the WR450 frame... and im just wondering is the YZ450 fender narrower or did they give me a YZ250F rear fender??


What year bike and fender are you talking about?

i have 07 WR450 and i asked for a fender for a 07 YZ450, i thought thats what i got but it doesnt fit

any idea?

im surprised nobody knows?

I replaced teh one on my 2000 with a YZF and it fit fine (had to dremel a corner off for exhaust) - there should be no difference on an 07 either since the frames on the bikes are the same - my feeling is you got a 250 fender.

but on the sticker it says 06-08 YZ250f/450f fender... but i have a feeling the 250 and 450 fenders are different? i mean the tire and wheel is wider and the wr450 fender is wider so im assuming the YZ450 should be wider?? id really like to get to the bottom of this

i asked the dealer to compare fenders for me with WR450 and the one he gave me but they didnt have a WR fender so i just returned the one i bought..

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