Anybody own a Ford Power Stroke?

I don't think anyone will argue the quality, R&D and reputation of Banks, just the price. If you want to just write a check for great performance, Banks is definitely the way to go, but if you don't mind doing your own work and researching the different products out there (half the fun anyway), I think you can put together something just as good for less money.

youre absolutely right :)

theres alot to be said abuot doing something yourself....

but sometimes your better off paying an expert...

...then again... i dont cut my own hair... or clean

out my own septic tank either :D :D :D


:D :D :D :D :D :D :D

aww come on... its a little funny isnt it ;)

just kiddin round :p

be safe and have a wonderful holiday

from me and my family...MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY !!!!!

see ya


cleaning the septic tank is definitely something to leave for an expert, although when I was in the army, there were a few Monday mornings when I cut my own hair! Merry Christmas. Remember, Santa rides Red!


stuckinbaja mentioned start up and cool down...

you may want to look into a pre-oiler.

a friend has one;... remote filter,steel braided lines, ect.

runs before to prevent dry starts.... and after for something like 5 minutes to cool the turbo and keep it from spinning dry...

i think its from Preluber inc. or something like that...

try typing preluber or prelube and go from there

see ya


You can also install a turbo timer to shut the engine down after a predetermined period of time. There's also wireless alarms that allow you to remotely start your vehicle which also have turbo timers built in.

I went the route the getting a box that monitors my EGT's and shuts my engine down based on my criteria. I use my pre-turbo thermocouple for monitoring EGT's on my pillar pod gauge and the post-turbo thermocouple for shutting down my engine.

I forgot to mention in my previous post that I'm pretty happy with the few mods that I've done (and of course I absolutely love the truck itself). The springs soften up the suspension and really improve the ride. This is important since I live in a town with two paved roads; everything else is dirt, and most are severely washboarded. Before I did the suspension I was literally rattling the truck apart. I only wish I had double shocked the front. The guys at National Spring said I shouldn't need to with the Bilsteins, but I think that the amount of time I spend on rough roads has already done my shocks in. I also need to develop a quick release/install setup for the airbag springs as these do limit suspension travel.

I wish I could comment more on engine mods, but the 500 ft-lbs of torque that the truck comes with keeps me happy so far. I do however want to get a pre-lube pump setup and am probably going to start researching that right now.

Merry Christmas everyone

Hold the horses!

Screw the PS, I'm going to sell it and get one of these!

I got to check em out, the shop's just 5 miles up the road at the speedway.

I'm gleening a lot of good info, thanks for the inputs guys. The Pre-luber definitely looks like a must-have. I see that they even have a turbo model as well that has the cool down function. Found a good write up:

I think this will be my first engine enhancement project. After that I need to start saving for the Banks Power up kit, it seems to have nearly everything, except the low price. Any reccomendations on a Banks Dealer?

I have a 2002 F-350 powerstroke, Crewcab, 4wd. I put the Diablo programmable chip, Big-sucker filter, oversize exhaust, tranny mod, pillar pod gauges. I installed 6" softride lift-kit, Rancho 9000 shocks and steering stabilizer, I have 37x 12 Superswamper radial TSL's,Aluminum rims and fender flares. On the inside, I have a Garmin GPS-V (with mount for dual-sport on scooter), Jottodesk laptop mount with DELL inspiron 8200(I am in truck writing this now..waiting on someone), Kenwood excellon DVD player with full surround sound, amp, 10 disk changer, and bass woofer. I ordered the Lariat package with leather, etc. GREAT ride...Almost as much fun as the XR650 on the long ride or the Cannondale(please no flame intended or requested)in the woods. The truck is red and my kids named it BART(Big Ass Red Truck)I have had too much fun with this rig and would do it all again...exactly the way I have it. By the way, this is BART 2...1st retired by me with 300,000 miles and going strong. I talk with new owner(and ride), He still is goin' strong with about 400K...same motor.

Call 'em, they will hook you up with a dealer in your area. I get a couple of ads a month from the place they sent my name to. Or you could make the trip to their place in SoCal and have them do the work. Roadtrip.


Wow! Now, that's some heavy artillery you're packing there! What's the scoop with the DVD and surround sound? Did you have it put in by a stereo shop? I've got a 9" plug in TV VCR that I use for long hauls (like going to Lake Havasu which is where I'll be all next week!) But it may be time to turn it up a notch! Have fun with Animal "BART" Mother! :)

You forgot to mention the Swedish super models in bikinis feeding you grapes from the back seat as you drive. :)

...Or the Sharks with Frickin' Lazer Beams Attached To Their Heads! :)

The XR650R would make a great diesel. Or is it already??? :)

They make a nice set when seen together! A very nice ensemble. :)

Yep, 95 CC, LB, 4X4, 5SP, XLT. Use Amsoil! Don't screw with petrol oils. They will cook and coke in your motor. Amsoil HD diesel/marine oil will protect your investment, and aid cold weather stsrt ups. Syntetic oil flows down to -40 degrees f. Its great stuff.

Mitch :)

Isn't amsoil like $25 a gallon? Hmmmm, maybe with a pre-luber and a by-pass filter I can get 10,000 miles out of an oil change so it really wouldn't matter. :D

Anybody else running an aftermarket intercooler? I'm currious if this installtion negates the room to install an aux tranny cooler. :)

Hey Qadsan! You running Evan coolant in your PS as well? Came across another site saying it was the 'Sheisse für die diesels'. Might get some for the BRP and the BRPS. Did you drill a pin-hole in the BRP radiator cap so the system is running at 1 atm? I was kind of wondering about this but they say it lets the water evaporate out of the system and there's nothing left to cavitate and create hot spots in the heads.

As far as oil goes, Delo 400 and Shell Rotella are both fine dino oils and will serve you well. Delo 400 can be had at many local stores including Price Costco, Walmart, etc, and it works very well in our XR's as well. In fact, I've been using it in my motorcycles for many years and in some of my cars as well.

You can buy trans coolers with thermostatically controlled fans on them as well and simply fabricate the brackets to mount it up inside the frame rails. The PSD tranny seems to stay pretty cool when you're moving, but it can heat up pretty quickly on some PSD's when backing or moving slowly up a steep grade. If you're going to add a trans cooler, look for the stacked plate design (more efficient) as opposed to the radial finned type that so many places sell. A good stacked plate design isn't very expensive, but you need to shop around. B&M is one of the many places that sells them.

I don't have Evans in my PSD's, but I've been using Evans in many older muscle cars I own. I use it in my XR650R without any problems, but only after I did some limited datalogging of various oil and coolant temps just to be on the safe side and there was nothing that concerned me. One gallon of Evans is all you need for the XR650R. You simply empty your cooling system as best as you can, fill it with Evans NPG+ and run your engine for a bit, then empty your cooling system as best as you can, let things dry out for a few days and refill with Evans NPG+ and you're done. That should get rid of enough EG and water to satisfy the requirements for the Evans. I'm not a believer in removing the thermostat in a cooling system, but I did remove it on my XR650R with the Evans for various reasons. I simply run the stock rad cap with no hole drilled in it.

Are you kidding? Hell yes!!!!

2000 F-250 Super Duty Powerstroke

Lariat,crewcab,shortbed,4x4 off road pkg.,auto,3:73 limited slip, Sirius satellite radio

BTW, site kicks ass. Anything and everything Powerstroke. It's my second favorite message board, next to Thumpertalk. :)

Happy Holidays

I think you guys are missing out. Before describing my ride I want to offer a trade (sight unseen) for the truck with DVD, surround sound, PC, hot tub, beer cooler, hot chicks, and magic fingers. I am running a '93 22RE with a whopping 113 HP, though I am sure it is up to 114 with the K&N filter, then back down to 100 with the AC on. I have installed a Pioneer CD player with 4 speakers (surround sound for a Toyota, right?) and a bug guard. In addition, I have a stylish Leer canopy and a tweed seat cover over the Japanese pleather. Unlike your inferior rigs I can lift my bike into the back and never look like a fool loading or unloading. And how about 30 mpg, eh??? Now who is the king.

Unless one of you wants to trade me straight across I think I will be keeping it for a while as teacher salaries are going down. Thanks to our great president, Bush, who said "no child will be left behind." Nobody really gives a $hit about the people everyone trusts to educate their kids.

Have fun with your toys, they are fun to read and dream about :)

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