Anybody own a Ford Power Stroke?

I give a $hit, but I thanks to the NEA & the WEA, I don't trust teachers to educate my kids at all. Our schools have turned into little social engineering factories where certain groups get to push their agenda on formative minds. By the way, congrats on your pay raise that you got over all the other state workers.

Hey Chorbelt,

Amen to that. I'm not in the states right now, but when I move back, It'll be private schol or home school.

I'll retract this rant. Sometimes I forget that I no longer have the right to voice my political opinion in open forum. :)

Yeah big raise huh? They give us a $1,000 raise and take away $200 towards our medical benefits each month. Sounds like a primo deal to me. Yeah I agree private schools are good if you can afford it, much more teacher time with students. In addition, your kids will be with good white collar children and never see how the other half lives. End result will be outstanding yuppies who won't give the other 90% of the population the time of day. Public schools are not the problem, we only have these kids 8% of the time while they are in school, the parents have the other 92% of the time. I always appreciate those who blame the products of the K-12 system on the schools, take a look at some of the parents.

It doesn't matter how much of raise it was, it's the fact that the teachers union has turned into a liberal PAC. By advocating for raises for one sector of public employees, you pitted yourself against all the other public employees that are underpaid, and also deserving of a raise. I like the attitude that privately schooled kids will grow up to be outstanding yuppies - jealous that you won't be able to turn them into little liberals? I agree that it is mostly the fault of parents that do not get involved in their childrens education for some of the piss-poor performance of our schools. Foobar - you know that until recently some schools up here wouldn't let recruiters in? Why is that?

crap rolls down hill, and teachers are at the bottom. most teachers, not all, really care about the kids but they have there hands tied by the school board who tells teachers to teach only this "standard" that that are gov. did some loaded study on and said this is best for every kid, because some parent is to lazy to raise there own kid complains to the gov. that they don't like the way teachers are raising there kids.

the point is don't let gov. make decisions about education, let teachers do it. and raise your own kids, teacher are not thier to teach manners, morals, and ethics thats our job as parents.

sooooooooo, how about those xr650 power stroke honda ford things we were talking about :)

oh yeah, for towing, I'd do an aux. tranny cooler, downpipe, cat-delete pipe, guages, mild chip and propane. Foobar - don't remember what you said you were spinning but, your rpm's and mileage will vary depending on tire size and gear ratio, either 3.55's or 4.10's.

Wow! I hear ya.

I'm looking into doing a change of my 2000 PSD exhaust system or components thereof.

Anyone here running strait pipes? :)

Powerstrokes rule!

Just got my Tymar intake on and that turbo sounds sweet! She starts singing around 2500 under load. Gas mileage has gone down since I can no longer keep my foot off the floor. :)

Got the HPX and tranny cooler in the box waiting for the weekend. Next stop guages, DP and 4" exhaust, and a flip chip.

Anybody got 35+ tire on thier rig?

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