Twin Air filter for 08 WR450

I've just purchased a twin air filter for my 08 wr450 and on the packet it says it's for models 03/.

I asked the shop attendant if the filter for the 03 model was the same as the 07/08 model and he didn't seem sure and said he would check.

I don't trust him and want to check with you guys. Does this sound right?

Is the 03 model filter the same as the 07/08?


well... I run a twin air on my 08... and I just looked at my spare and it does say "03" on the package. it looks identical to the one I installed.

BTW its a lot smaller then the OEM filter.

The filter cages are the same from '03-'09 so yes its the correct one for your bike.

Awesome, thanks guys.

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