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Motion Pro CR Comp + cable

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Alright, after reading posts by Bronco and Eddie, I need to get a new cable made for the CR Comp. So I contacted www.flandersco.com as per Bronco's suggestion.

I thought everything would have been easy, as other people here have had luck with them. I gave him the requested part number he asked for and he was about to make the cable when I told him I do not have a stock carb, but an FCR.

He told me, "...we will need the carburetor and the throttle which I think you really want Motion Pro 01-0056 throttle only and we stock it. Determine what length you want the housing to be and we do the rest."

I am kind of leary about sending my carb (isn't going to happen). I also do not know how big of a housing I need.

I am positive something got lost in translation... Eddie, so you make cables?

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