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Jetting / Needle Assistance Requested!

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Ok, I have searched and did not find an answer so now I have to ask - I hate being redundant.

I have '95 RM 125. Apparently the carb has been switch as it does not match the Shop manual. The bike runs rich so I dismantled the carb, and cleaned everything, and while it helped with the starting, and for the most part the idling, it did not solve the running rich part.

The bike as a PWK 43D4 1HN (measured it to be 37mm), Main Jet of 165, Slow / Pilot of 50, Needle reads R1469M and below that is 0XHMK, the clip was in the second slot from the top.

When I put it back on the bike, I followed the directions for the "normal" setup. However I currently have the carb with the jet needle clip in the second from top, and the air/fuel screw screw is 2.5 turns out. I am still running the jets that were in the carb. I ride between 1400 ASL and 600 ASL. The bike is still running rich. I have a FMF Gold Series Fatty and V-Force Reed Valves. I am running a R4118S-9 plug.

What recommendations would you make for jetting? Should I change the jet needle - if so what part number?

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