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XR250R Fork upgrade - do I need wheels/caliper also?

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Hello all,

First post, greetings. I've been reading this site for a short while now and am very impressed with this website.

I am playing around with one of my bikes, a 1988 Honda XR250R, which has the damper rod forks. My seals are shot, and after reading a bit more, the bushings may be shot also (someone mentioned bad bushings usually lead to bad fork seals).

Rather than paying $165.00 for a fork rebuild (quote from a local shop), I"m thinking of upgrading the forks to newer XR250R forks.

I think I read on another site that the newer XR 250R cartridge style forks (1992 model year +) are a direct "drop in" into the stock triple trees on my 1988.

Can anyone confirm this to be true, and if so, do I also need the front wheel/caliper from the cartridge fork equipped bike also?

Thank you for your help.

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The XR400 uses a larger diameter fork than the XR250s.

From what I've found out is that the '96 and on forks are a direct swap into the last Gen tripple clamps. I don't know why the disc or caliper would be any different though, as long as the disc dia. was the same. I think it was the same on '88-'95 at least.

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