Free travel on back brake

Can anyone tell me how to adjust the free travel on my rear brake? At the moment there is too much travel and I need to reduce it. Mine is a 2005 WR450. Thanks in advance.

There is a little slop in the clevis, and this can only be removed by buying an aftermarket clevis (normally about $45). This isn't excessive though, so if you have a lot of play in your pedal then you most likely have air in your line. Try bleeding the brakes and see if it helps.

Also make sure that the bolt your pedal pivots on is not loose. These can back out quite a ways and never fall off because of the safety pin. I have found that this pivot bolt being just a little loose can make for a very sloppy feeling pedal.

Thanks, will check both.

Although rare, A few times I have seen car and bike brake caliper pistons get stuck where they are retracting too far from the disk, and because of that it takes too much pedal stroke to push them back out.

To fix this, I typically take the caliper off of the rotor, then pump the brakes to push the pistons out so that the pads will just barely fit back on the rotor when re-installed.

I dont know why this happens though.

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