What are the best chain and sprockets?

I don't want to replace them ever again! :) BTW, I am still on the stock stuff. It's time for them to go. What are the longest lasting chain and sprockets? Thanks


DID 520VM GOLD X-Ring Chain......$$$

SIDEWINDER Ti-Moly Sprockets.....$$$

Depends on what you use it for. I would stick with a good o-ring, better yet x-ring chain and a stainless steel Ironman sprocket. It's a little heavier than aluminum but it'll last alot longer.

I ams tarting to think most brands are decent. My maintenance (or lack thereof) is what makes the difference!

I buy all of my stuff from Rocky Mountain ATV. Their prices on chains are 1/2 of what the local shops charge.

DID VM X-ring seems to last a long time with little maintanence. You see one for sale on EBay every no and then, typically for aabout $85.

Renthal works good. I would try the x-ring DID next time. A lot of happy riders here use it. Stainless steel may be the way to go. I get 20 good trail rides or 1000 miles on my KLX. Bigger bikes will eat drive components faster than that. :)

Thanks all! What do you think about carbon steel sprockets?

I had a 98 CR500, raced in harescrambles regularly. The stock chain lasted about 3 mths. The DID Gold had just came out had like 8800 lbs rating suppose to be the strongest chain out. I bought one with renthal sprockets. It lasted about 4 mths. It actually started breaking teeth off the front sprocket because it had stretched so much. I kept everything adjusted,lubed, etc.. A buddy had bought a regina o-ring with renthal sprockets and said he had never had to adjust yet(250cc). It was about 4mths old he had bought about the same time I had bought the DID Gold. I bought the regina and bought the FMF cobalt sprockets. Through numerous harescrambles I finally had to adjust about 1.5 years later! When it was about 2 years old I noticed the rollers had began having slack and had even lost a couple. With all this said I probably will NEVER buy another chain except the regina x-ring or o-ring. I can't say if the FMF cobalts were really that much better than renthal or any other, I think it was the chain that made the difference. If it can handle the abuse a CR500 gives it, its a good one!

By the way the DID Gold was not an o-ring. I raced with a guy who had a DID o-ring on his 500 and he said he did'nt have any complaints or problems with the DID o-ring. I can't say how long it lasted for him though. And yes my 99WR400 has a regina o-ring! Haven't raced it as much as the 500 but its about 1.5 years old and haven't adj. yet and rollers are like new!

What is the difference between and X ring and an O ring? Do both have the little teflon spacers?

The 520 o-ring(regina) is the std for offroad bikes. I'm pretty sure that the x-ring(900cc) and now the z-ring(1200cc) are mostly used for large size street bikes. The x-ring and z-ring are suppose to provide less friction. Most all have the same spacers etc.with vacuum injected grease but sum have what they call an x-pin. The x-pin is suppose to be alot harder and mor durable. I thought the regina x-ring was available for off road bikes as well. I did a search but couldn't find any x-rings listed for off road.

I ran the DID X ring with Talon sprockets all yr adjusting it only 4 times in 100 hrs, great chain. Mike

I vote for the DID X ring. It has been a great chain.

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