Carb questions

Hello all!! Newby here I just bought a 01yz426 that is not running. The owner stated that it has been setting for 3yrs. I checked it out it had good compression and the body is in good shape. Now the bad part. The carb is a total wreck. I took it apart and it was tereble. I need a top of parts ( list to follow). I have NO idea what jets to buy or there size. I called the local yamaha dealer to get the parts and they were NO help. He had no idea what size of jet to get fo it. Any help would be greatly appreicated I live in N texas so its hot and humid. I'm new to dirt bikes so I DO NOT need the top performance. I mainly will be riding with my sons on their PW50's. Now the list.

1. Pilot Jet

2. Pilot Air Jet

3. Main Jet

4. Main Air Jet

5. Needle Jet

6. Needle Valve

7. Needke Seat

8. Starter Jet

9. Plastic Throttle cover

10. Pilot screw

11. Float chamber gasket

12. Top gasket for carb

13. Oil Filter

14. Air Filter

All the jets are either complete cloged or got trashed out getting them out. Any help would be GREATLY appreicated!!!!! PLEASE HELP!!!!



All you have to do is go to Yamaha motor corp website,go to the parts diagram section. Find the year and model and carb section,it will list stock jetting.

It might be worth the money to send the carb to ZipTy for a overhaul. Normally, I feel these 'services' are a waste of money but if your carb is really nasty, let them really clean it and go over it. May be worth the money Vs. the frustration of pullling and reinstalling it 20 times.

I have it all apart and clean I just need to find out what stock parts I need. I looked at the yamaha website and it list a lot of jets and I can't find which ones are the stock ones. How can I get ahold of zipty?



:) I wish I could reuse the jets. They were either stuck in so bad that they got destroyed takeing them out or they had so much stuff in them that the carb cleaner bath and compressed air could not get them.

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