How do you bleed air out the overflow tank line?

I can't seem to bleed the air out of the radiator overflow tank line. I tried filling the the radiator to the max and blowing the coolant (thru the air vent line while the coolant tank filler cap was closed) back up to the radiator, then capping the radiator at the same time. Started the bike and when it warmed up, the same air bubble came back at the radiator entrance (the highest point in the line). When it cooled down, the air was sucked back into the radiator. Any suggestions.

My suggestion is, stop waisting your time worrying about it!! The YZ dosn't even have that tank, Assuming you now have a WR.:)

Don't worry about it. If the motor gets hot enough to expel more than one overflow tube volume's worth of coolant, the bubble will be gone. If not, then you haven't lost enough coolant to get concerned about anyway.

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