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Killer Clickers! Ouch!!!

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Yesterday I set my shock to 1 click stiffer High compression and 1 click stiffer rebound. This really helped alot on the bottoming out.

I told a freind and he says you made 2 adjustments so you don't know which one fixed it

So I go back and set the rebound back the way it was. But left the High Compression the way it was from above. It's amazing what one click off the rebound will do for ya!!

I was anxious to get to the track to try the jumps. I took the shortcut across the kiddie track. Somewhere in the middle of 3rd gear, done it many times. Hit a little kiddie jump. nothing i haven't done many times before.

Holy S#$t!! I was jettison'd into "thumper orbit"!

I remember looking down at my bike as my hands were yanked off the bars(felt like I was 5 feet above it)thinking uh oh! this is gonna hurt!! :D:D

I did a good double somersalt with just a little twist at the end would made my daugther proud(she's a gymnist) :D

Finally the dust cloud clears as I stop rolling across the hard packed clay. Stupid me jumps up cause I don't feel anything. Looking for my bike but wait what are these white squiggly lines running across my eyes? 1 blink 2 blink hmm still there. My buddies show up telling me "we didn't expect you to be getting up after that"

"These pain killers are starting to work"

Long story short. I hit so hard the chest protector left full imprints on my back. That was through my shirt!! Big not on top of my head. Helmet looks like crap now. Handle bars bent down to side of tank. The worst of all I have a left sprained wrist :D:D:D

And my first race was next week. All because 1 click of a screwdriver blade......

Considering all this, guess I'm lucky I didn't make it to the adult track to try those jumps.

And even luckier the kiddies weren't out there to see that. :):D

Sorry If I rambled........

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not even a smart-azz remark from anybody

or even a "you shoulda did your clickers this way" ...hmmmm :D:D:)

Practiced a little yesterday and (against doctors wishes) "98yz" looked at susp. says it ain't set up right Think I'll get susp. redone any recommendations guys?

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Yup susp. was a little soft. Man I never realized how low geared 1st, and 2nd are on the WR's. But 3rd and 4th haul and it clears 60 ft. triples with ease. Wish Yamaha could slim down the tank a bit also on the WR, never could move far enough forward to feel comfortable on the track in turns. Forks felt good, rear was on the soft side. Free sag was around 25mm but loaded sag was around 120mm. Prolly needs a couple of spring rates heavier for ya S Phillips. Hope that wrist is up to par for the race this weekend at Corner MX http://www.cornermxpark.com

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It was good to see someone who has good MX experience ride my bike. It helped me see where

my weaknesses and the bikes weaknesses lie. Mostly mine :)

Yea that gearing thing is bothersome in a tight track. I'm waiting to see what comes out new this month before I make any changes to it. Just may

trade for a YZ. I think i'll have an easier time riding the YZ on different tracks than I will with the WR on mx tracks.

Bikes have changed so much in 25 years.

The wrist is much better. Intend on racing at

Corner this weekend, I'll just wear the brace.

Can't wait to see how the susp. works our for the ole CR250.

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