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Oil Pressure woes

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okay, i have a 01ish xr650r.

a while ago it got clackity, and before i could get off my ass and check the valves one of the rocker arms broke a tip. so i took a look and the rocker and cams had suffered from low oil pressure (my assumption) as the rockers were completed eaten away.

so. i replaced the rockers, cam, cleaned out the all the filters and changed the oil. then after not that long it started to get clackity again. to be honest i've yet to look, but i suspect the rockers have been eaten again. maybe i'm wrong, maybe they just got out of spec, but i doubt it. all i know is that when it got clackity i stopped riding it and have had time to look since.

so lets assume it's an oil pressure problem. i noticed when i ran the bike with the oil filler cap off i could see the return oil to the top coming in very slowly, when i suspect this should be a more solid stream of oil. is the oil pump a suspect? can it wear out and is it replaceable? or is it possible a line is clogged, and how would i figure out which one it is?

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