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City Supermoto Riding...Not So Great

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So I just got back to Reno after riding in my hometown of Pollock Pines, CA for the weekend. It's a small little mountain town that sits between Lake Tahoe, CA and Sacramento, CA. It's only my first week riding a supermoto and I rode with some buddies that have been riding sumos for about 6-7 months. We rode on some of the curviest roads in that area, which pretty much are hairpin to hairpin turns. (If you find yourself in that area, hit up New Town Road, and Pleasant Valley Road) After the first day I was able to keep up with them and had so much fun. I'm lucky I didn't die the way I was riding for my first week, I really pushed my limits and know how far I can push my bike now. I don't think I have done anything that fun in years. But now I'm back in Reno, and let's just say that stop and go, straight, slow roads with traffic suck. So I need to find some nearby twisties that I can scrape my pegs on. If there are any sumo riders in the reno area that know of some fun roads nearby, I'd love to ride with ya, I can keep up pretty well. :)

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