Cleaning alloy frame

How are you guys with alloy-framed WRs keeping the frame clean where your boots rub on it?

I've done searches of these forums using 'clean alloy frame', 'alloy frame clean' but haven't found an answer.

What i'm concerned about is using a solvent which could stain the alloy. Any suggestions?

I use SOS pads from the grocery store. Not sure what they are called down under, but they are the steel wool pads with special soap inside intended for cleaning and polishing pots and pans. These bring the frame back to the original look.

PS: Try a search using "aluminum" instead of "alloy".

I use "Never Dull".

You can get it at most hardware stores.

I use ali-bright!!

WD40, a scotch pad and some elbow grease works best.

Magic thanks guys. I'm off to start scrubbing

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