2007 WR450 Electrical problem

I recently bought the trickdualsport micro kit, installed it and after about 2 hours riding blew the headlight bulb. I though it might just be a fluke, so I replaced the bulb and blew that one too. I checked the AC voltage at the headlight and got 12.5V, but when I reved it off idle it jumped to 26V. I figured that's whats blowing the bulbs. I checked the AC mag resistance and it came in spec. I replaced the regulator/rectifier and now I'm only getting a steady 10.4V at the headlight. All the lights are working OK, but I'm still thinking something's not right. The manual says to replace the reg/rec if voltage is below 12.5V at 5000 rpm's. Anyone got an idea what the hell is wrong?

Did your kit come with a wiring diagram? Under normal conditions the headlight is powered directly off the lighting coil on the stator and is therefore AC powered. Without a wiring diagram it is difficult for me to comment on your issue though a poor ground could explain the low voltage.

I know with the Baja kits it is necessary to "float" the ground for the lighting coil. If this is required for your kit and was not done correctly this will also lead to a number of problems.

The trickdualsport kit doesn't require any alterations to the stator. No wiring diagram either, only a couple of wires to connect. The headlight still operates off AC, but the tailight/brake is DC off the battery. I'm wondering if the new reg/rec I got was bad. I tried bypassing the the kit and wired the light back to factory condition but still got 10.4V at the headlight.

The 10.4 volts you are seeing at the headlight is an innaccurate measurement, because it is AC as you said. To check the reg/rec, put your DC voltmeter on the battery posts and tell us what the voltage is at idle and at 5000 rpm.

I don't know why you blew two bulbs.

I checked the voltage at the headlight as 10.4VAC with my multimeter. The DC voltage at the battery is 14.25VDC@ 5000rpms. Lighting coil resistance is .300 ohms. Everything is in spec but the AC voltage at the headlight. The Yamaha manual states to replace the reg/rec if the voltage is below 12.5 or above 13.5 VAC.

ok, does the light seem bright enough? I wouldn't worry about it since everything else is fine. obviously the bulb can't blow if the voltage is too low.

The light seems fine, but it was fine before I blew the first bulb. Obviously the original reg/rec was bad. My biggest worry is that the stator has a problem and may ruin the new regulator. At $90 a pop I don't want to have to buy another one, not to mention I blew 2 PIAA H6M's and the stock bulb.

the regulator is faulty

there is a seperate regulator for charging the battery

there is a seprate regulator for running lights

note both regulators are in the one moduale so u have to replace that moduale

i have had the same problem replace the moduale all ok

to be honest I would just do the floating ground mod and be done with it . if your running your wr on the street it will make your headlight steady so other drivers can see you. I did mine a year ago . it works great the headlight is much brighter . I have blown a like 3 bulbs since but have also logged over 5000 miles too.

I think I'm just going to buy the Trail Tec stator/reg kit and do away with the stock electrics. Shoulda done it to begin with....:)

I did the baja designs floating ground kit . it's only 40 bucks and has worked great for me . I do recommand soldering the connection in the stator along with the crimp . it only took me about 45 minutes to do . I think it would be worth a try . it comes with a bigger rectifier. And it's fairly ez to to. :)

I talked to tech support at Trail Tech and went ahead and ordered their stator/reg kit. I've got a feeling something is wrong with my stator that caused the original rec/reg to blow. Trail Tech's website has some info about low voltage out of the rec/reg being a bad stator. I figure I might as well save myself the hassle and change everything now. I could have bought the Trail Tech kit for what I've already spent in bulbs and stock rec/reg.

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