Seal question

Another Question. I have an 05 YZ450F and I just put a brand new seal in the case after splitting them to put a crank in it. The seal did not leak before I split the cases but the new one does. I drove the seal in as far as it would go and im thinking that it's leaking because it is in too far. I looked at my bro's yz250f and his seal is flush with the case and mine is in further than that. So what i'm asking is whether the seal is supposed to be flush with the case or is it supposed to be in further?



What seal are we working on?

The oil seal around the sprocket shaft.

That seal depends on the condition of the sleeve it runs on. If the collar is deeply grooved, the seal will not hold. There is also an O-ring under the collar that seals it to the output shaft.

The o-ring is brand new and the sleeve is not grooved. I just need to know whether to drive the seal in flush with the case or further than that.


make sure u clean the mating surfaces really good or u can get a leak again

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