Cutting down the stock sliencer. Need some input

Has any one ever cut down the sliencer on a 4 stroke? Like an inch or 3 ? I have heard of ppl doing it but never paid much attention, till i got ready to re-pack mine and thinking about cutting it down. I have a 05 yzf 450. Need some input. Thanks

I have seen people do it, it just makes the bike louder, I wouldn't recommend doing it.

yeah i am not looking for louder just a little more power. kinda a free mod if it worked. but thats why i am asking 4 i do it. thanks for ur input

You would be more likely to loose power than gain it.

my dad did it on his 02 crf450 just cause it was really long and ugly..dont think there was anything negative to it

any more input

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