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getting a leatt. :^)

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well, i had my first bad wreck during practice saturday. theirs this huge uphill and at the top theirs a jump going down onto the opposite side of the hill. the track people over watered the bottom of the hill to where it was basically a mud bug the the quads only made worse. so after getting past the mud i had to pin it and seat bounce to clear. the first 3 laps of the last practice went perfect. cleared it easy. the last one though, i cam off the jump a little sideways and when i landed the rear end of my bike was completely sideways. i swapped out and it threw me head first into the ground shattering my helmet (and scratching my brand new lenses :D ) so my mom finally decided to suck it up and buy me a leatt brace. :) the $400 club one of course.

so im pretty happy about that. just thought id share.

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