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Yoshi slip on worth it?

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Hey everybody,

I've read a bunch of posts, looked at dyno graphs etc and am hoping for a few specific details on the Yoshimura slip on (Stainless steel). I can get a like new one for $250 Canadian. I KNOW the titanium full system is the best but I will not be spending $700++ on a pipe system.

I have a 2006 DRZ400E, my jetting: 165 main jet pilot fuel jet 48, fuel screw out 2.5 turns from closed, needle on 4th or 5th clip from top, snorkel removed exhaust end cap drilled out. I live at about 1500ft above sea level.

The guy with the pipe doesn't know if the quiet insert is in or not (the insert is also the spark arrestor I believe so it should be in). I am primarily concerned about noise - I don't ride places where there are db limits often but don't want to drive myself/riding buddies crazy when riding.


1. How loud is the slip on with the quiet insert? I don't need db levels but a general opinion, maybe compared to stock, other bikes or something.

2. How much is it to buy a replacement quiet insert/spark arrestor if this one is missing?

3. How much lighter is the slip on compared to the stock exhaust?

4. Will the less than 1hp gain be even noticeable (with rejetting - I am planning to get the JD kit with the pipe)?

5. Is a used slip on worth $250? Looks like it is in great shape.

Thanks in advance for your opinions.


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