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2003 450 SX--I NEED igniton/silencer/speedometer/kickstand n More

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i just bought a 2003/2004 overstock 450 SX....i use this for trail and hopefully road rideing.

It needs

-Igntion ( i dont care if its a keyd or a switch )...if i get a switch ima go with a keyd kill switch....because kickstarting it is a b***h and when i make it street legal i dont want to be kick starting it every time i ride. ( also as you guys know they dont come stock w/ a key so anyone can just come up and take it so i need a igniton and stuff for it )

-also sence its 1 of the loudest stock bikes of 2003 i need a silencer kit...cheap one 2..i ant got loads of money to spend im only 19.

-speedometer is needed as well due to i dont want to get speeding tickets when i drive it.

-also it needs a kickstand....and i mean a real kickstand...not that triangle stand crap that goes on the back of the bike..i mean a real kick stand

the only thing that sucks is that there is no batterie so i have no idea how the lights//igniton switch and stuff will work.

i need all the info you guys got cuz iv been loocking online 4 this stuff and im not having any good luck finding all the gear i need.

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