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DRZ400S boggy and smells of fuel

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Just bought a DRZ400S 2004 model (European model) with 1500miles on the clock. The bike is totally clean and stock, looks well looked after and had never seen dirt before.

Problem is I've noticed that especially when warm the engine bogs when 50-100% throttle is applied quickly from throttle closed / low engine speed. When the bike is cold or 'half warm' it is much better.

Bike also smells strongly of fuel when the fuel tap is open. I've checked the carb pipes under the bike and one is wet with fuel although it doesn't atually drip.

My best guess is that the bike is running rich maybe due to the float height being too high?

Any other ideas?

I have bought a JD jet kit and fuel screw and I plan to do this together with 3X3 mod when it arrives. will check the float height at the same time. hopefully this will fix it.

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