want a new bike

I am hoping to get a new bike soon. I really prefer yamahas b/c i have owned several and they are great running bikes. My last two were a 1999 yz400f and a 2002 yz426f. The problem is i would also like an aluminum framed bike. I have 2000 cash to spend so im wondering if i should go for a steel framed yami 450 or an aluminum framed crf450. I am concerned about the reliabilty of the crf. Either way, what years could i expect to get for my 2000$?? WHat bikes would you guys reccomend. I mostly ride for fun but would like to start hitting some tracks soon. Thanks

i picked up my 06 yz450 for $2900.00. i think it might be hard to find an aluminum yz for 2g's.

I bought my 03 YZ450 almost 3 years ago for $2500...Iv seen them here in Denver craigslist going for about the same or closer to $2k

I love my YZ but im not opposed to switching brands...considered a CRF myself (to be purchaed this winter) but decided to keep the YZ because its already in my garage and ready to ride:applause:

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