Boyseen Water Pump Cover Kit

This is mostly for Grayracer.

What do you think about this kit?

We ride the same terrain, would you put it on your bike if money wasn't a factor.

Thinking of getting it with new Samco hoses and a better radiator cap for the 07 YZ this season.

Seems like keeping the bike cooler would be good.

but does it really cool it down enough to make a difference?

sorry I am not GreyRacer

The kit does reduce temp.

do the waterpump kit and the hoses as well as this

and you are set

ZipTy Racing sets up their desert bikes like this also

The full boyeson supercooler kit (cover and impeller) does help keep things cooler. The cover on its own doesn't make too much of a difference. The full kit is more money than just the cover obviously. Personally, if I had cooling issues I would skip the hoses and put the money towards the supercooler kit, as the hoses will not make a difference.

This may be a little far fetched,but I wonder if the Boyesen water pump works too efficiently. The Boyesen water pump is supposed to circulate liquid quicker,but perhaps the liquid moves so quick it does not get a chance to transfer heat away? I really do not believe in the neat:crazy: color hoses anyway.

I do not use any AM water pump upgrades because I have no cooling issues, and I am therefore lacking any motivation to do so. But I agree that the cover alone is pretty much just bling without the impeller.

Evans coolant will raise the boil point beyond ridiculous, but is there also any data that shows that it keeps the actual temperature of the cylinder head lower?

you would probably see a bigger difference if u installed bigger radiators

Where would you get another radiator cap from? I have heard of that in a couple of magazines before but don't know to much about it.

sweet thanks guys.

pit posse sells radiator caps with the higher rating

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