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2002 drz 400s

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Very excited to be a new member. Tried to read some info. to get up to speed. I just picked up an 02 400s with a full yosh "off rode" pipe. It was to loud for my needs so I bought a low baffle and that make it decent. Power down some but not as bad as I thought. The bike was supposed to have had a jet kit installed by the dealer but I don't know which one. My problem is so far I have noticed at a constant throtte in maybe 3rd gear and approx. 30 mph the bike is stumbling just slightly. If I pull the choke out 1 notch the bike will run somewhat better and pick up 2 mph. I am only using maybe 15% throttle in this senario. Is there an external pilot jet or fuel screw that would help this lower mid-range situation. I think I need more fuel in this case?

Thanks for the help!!!!

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