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Dragging Clutch Options '89 250

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Alright, another problem with the '89 CR250, always noticed it, but now it's time to do something about it. The clutch keeps dragging.

First of all, regardless of how the clutch lever is adjusted, it will not fully disengage the clutch. The cam arm inside of the cover can not move any further than what it is set at because it is contacting the case.

We took the clutch apart and inspected everything inside there. All the friction plates are new and all within spec, none of the metal discs are warped and are within spec. The basket had some grooves, but we filed them smooth (no change) and to top it all off, the clutch springs are past their wear limit (not putting as much pressure on the plates).

The washer used to space the clutch basket seemed a little thick, although I can't see how that would have been changed. Either way, we are getting a new one just to make sure the previous owner didn't swap out the washers because the clutch was slipping.

The rod and ball bearing are both intact, I haven't measured the rod, but I assume that it's the right length.

So, i've pretty much isolated the problem to the cam arm thats hidden behind the flywheel. It's the only thing I think it can be. Was this a common problem on bikes from this era, or has anyone ever heard of this happening? If anyone else has any ideas on what it might be I'm all ears.

One solution might be to find a steel round with the same diameter as the rod and have it cut to hundred thou or so longer so that it will give extra push on the clutch.

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