Electric start for wr confirmed for 2003 by yamaha!

There is good news that the 2003 wr's will have electric start, found out by trail bike magazine UK. But will it have an alloy frame?

More capacity 450?

come with a set of alloy bars?

Well I am just guessing here, but I predict electric start for the wr, larger displacement, wet sump but no alloy frame. Will see for sure very soon!

It's not called a prediction if it comes right off the pages of the latest Dirt Rider Mag.....

Bonzai :)

Why should they go down the wet sump route?

I really hope that electric start is an option on the WR. I would much rather not carry around the extra weight, and my WR starts 1-2 kicks almost always, hot or cold, upside down or rightside up. Pretty soon all us guys that trail ride are going to be forced to ride heavy bikes, or convert motocrossers. I would have considered switching to a KTM if you could get a kickstart only 400 or 520 EXC, just because of the weight savings. I suppose a guy could buy electric, and tear it all off if he really wanted to.

Having never read Dirt rider mag I wouldn't know...

rob 1980 dont take it personal yamakaze is just an angry guy!nothing wrong with your post.He always does things like that i think he is just bitter , just my opinion but thats what realy makes him mad is when somebody else has an opinion different than his! :)

Thats ok Rat, I don't take anything on here personally, but not having read any magazines on the subject decided on a guess on the subject.

Take it easy! :)

Cant see why they would go wet sump, those of us that like our mono's also like oil pressure aswell.

chris Abel

i spoke to Si Melber from TBM about a week ago and they know only what the dealers know, which isnt a lot

this might shed some light on what to expect


also keep an eye on this page on the 13th


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