Yamaha YZF and WRF Performance Projects Manual

I assure you, it is in a thread or is merely a new thread away from being answered. More info on TT than any book.

Ken Faught is the former editor of Dirt Rider magazine before Jimmy Lewis.

I am guessing that it is a collection of magazine articles written about improving the WR or YZ

Again just my opinion I'm sure alot of what they will discuss is already in the three Sticky Notes displayed at the top of this forum.

Laboriously prepared by Clarke4131 for your viewing pleasure.:)

Aah, gee :). It weren't nuthin'...SC

I got that book as a Christmas present, and while it does have some good info it is waaaay behind anything that you can find on this forum. The good thing about the forum is that it is updated everyday with new info, the book is what it is. Save the $$ and stay tuned here. Also I second the kudos for the work done with the stickies by Clark.! WR Dave.

Ditto to WR Dave, Got it for a Birthday present & I had already done most of the mods from looking through here.

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