Who needs a laugh? At DRZ riders expense?

This is a funny story of a dual sport ride we took earlier this year. Written by one of my friends about another.


Funny Story

(Don't miss the pictures!)

Great story and he definitely earned the hard luck award! But one question remains?

Tom later discovered the left shock was also bent.

DRZ's have dual rear shocks? Has Suzuki made the startling new discovery of placing a shock on each side of the read suspension? Wow, amazing technology! :)

Glad everything worked out for the guy. I don't wish anything bad like this happen to anyone regardless of which bike they ride.

P.S. I sure hope this never happens to me :)


Actually, every thing worked out great for Tom. He ended up using the repair money towards upgrades, so he now has a pretty tricked out DRZ because of that wreck.

He lost a little riding time, takes a little ribbing, but he still has his bike, so he is not complaining.

And I agree. If I never suck water into my engine, or dump it into a place where I have to go wading in to retreive it, that will be just fine by me.

Very good story!


I do believe they meant "fork" instead of shock! :D

Lucky he didn't go swimming with it :).

great read brandon,thanks! :)

good story, glad someone had a camera. We should save a couple of those

for the yeaarly DRZ screensaver... :)

Great story enjoyed the reading

Anybody know what the reference to "clothespins" and "82 points" has to do with. Was the Dual-Sport event some kind of race or competition? I think some kind of competitive event would be cool for our Dual-Sport club.

The clothespins are dropped into open containers of various sizes, while riding bye them for points. Then there are the usual poker hands, etc. Nothing really very different or novel. The trail system in the Wenatchee National Forest is AWESOME!!

I sure didn't laugh Thank God he wasn't killed. It's good to know that other guys screw up too. Hope he got everything fixed and is enjoying that bike. He sure deseves a hardluck trophy and some rest. George :):D :D

The Lake Wenatchee Dual Sport ride is not a race, but they try to mix it up a little bit, so everybody has fun. They have about 4 or 5 check points out there with little games set up, whoever accumulates the most point via the games wins the ride, and they get their choice of contingency prizes. It 's a great ride. Some of the "games" that they do:

Set up a backetball hoop, and you have to shoot as you ride by. Lots of people wreck on that one.

Ask you what you have in your backpack, points for water, tools, emergency kits, spark plugs, ect. You never know what they are going to ask for. Kind of like "Let's Make a Deal".

Through the spark plug into the big jug...

Simple stuff, but it mixes things up.

At the end of the ride, everybody sits down to an excellent meal while the club tallies the score cards. After dinner, they start handing out the prizes, hghest point totals go first. There are usually great items to select from, but the riding is the best part.

If you have a chance to ride in the Lake Wenatchee Dual Sport, make the trip. It is not a race, but it is hard to have more fun.

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