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XR250R Carb Question

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I just picked up a 2000 XR250R, in pristine condition, but doesn't idle well. Replaced the plug which helped. The orig owner had it rejeted for Colorado (5000-10,000 ft alt.) I pulled the carb, cleaned out the dried gas residue in the bottom of the bowl, and off other internal parts in that area. That seems to have helped too. Could someone please tell me what that brass upside down, slotted head screw with the knurled sides is for. It's located at the lower-front of the carb. Seems it would be for adjusting something...like is it the mixture screw posibly? How would I know number of turns to set it at? I unscrewed it and putting it back not sure what it's for. I know :) ...I'm learning though :D . Thanks!

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