WR450 08 - How can I view time running?

On the FAQ it said to inspect/adjust the valves after break in between 10 - 15 hours of use.. How can I view this on the display? Doesn't seem to have this function, would be easier if it were kms not hours.

I don't know if it makes a difference that this bike was bought in Australia.

you can buy an electronic hour meter that picks up the pulse of your plug.

This is why many riders install hour meters. When running off road, it is not the miles/Km you go but the time running that matters most.


I haven't opened my bike at all (changed the oil etc).. It's at 220kms (135miles) should I take it for another ride before I get the mechanic to do all the necessary adjustments and drainages?

135 miles on it, I would say its time for a oil change and air filter cleaning. I dont think you need to check the valves just yet. But like the others have said get a hour meter, they are only about $30.00.

I have got almost 2000km's on my bike.

done 15 oil change's and bought a second air filter.. so i can i have ready..

just clean out the air box and put the fresh filter in..

also i just checked my valve's for the first time...... and they were perfect.

change oil, and then change air filter... repeat. :)



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