(Self induced) Home Labotomy Kits?

Have you ever decided it's time to dump some terrible memories?

Is there a home labotomy kit available, maybe with a video instructional tape?

Tequila works well for me, especially the stuff in the squeeze bottle.

And I’d rather have a bottle in front of me…

Kevin, Kevin, Kevin...send me an email!



86TT225, 99WR, WR timing, throttle stop trimmed, air box lid removed, White Bros head pipe, silencer and air filter. Odometer and headlight removed. Moose hand and mud guards. YZ stock tank and IMS seat. Renthal Jimmy Button "highs" and Renthal Soft half waffle grips. AMA, SETRA.


Music or laughter can get you through just about anything.

Spring is coming. It's almost time for "Dirt Therapy".

Followed by Bombay Sapphire as a muscle relaxant.

I do know excessive drinking works quite well. I learned that in my Navy days.

Just ride for a while without a helmet....

So when are you coming to the left coast for a visit?



Through all this SNAFU, I had my Wife quit her job. I do not regret this decision in the least. The decision I do regret is somehow thinking I needed my new Nissan XTerra. With ZERO down, my payments are only $515/month for 5 years...UGH! Although it has been invaluble this winter, it was not worth it. After crunching numbers, I found out I have $200/month available for food/gas/entertainment/clothing for a family of 5. I have reduced my 401K from 16% down to 3% (~$200/month savings) which is the company match amount. I cancelled my cell phone ($40/month) and am looking at killing my ISP. There are freebies out there for ISP's and am looking at that. I take a crap at work to save on toilet paper, and shower at work to save on soap and water. I rumage through restaurant trash cans and now live in a cardboard box. :) I'll get through all this, one way or another. BTW, the truth ended before the "Crap" part. I have retained my sense of humor, but IT HAS been taxed severely.

I really, really do appreciate your support. I am aware there are about a billion other guys in this world going through the same thing.

Now if only my two girls sperm donar would pay us child support, I'd be about $700/month richer and planning my families summer vacation! He works for $20/hr under the table and refuses to pay us a dime. We live in NH and that SOB lives in PA. Can you say, "Deadbeat Dad?"

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Don't you have riding buddies in PA? I'm thinking a little 'hired' help that answers to Guido might be in order.

Are you getting a ton of OT trying to produce power for us poor saps in CA?



We just got back on line (121 days) for a 30 day planned refueling outage (RFO). One of our emergency diesel generators had multiple cylinders scored. Because we are required to have both EDG's available to power up our Emergency Core Cooling Sytem (ECCS) Pumps in case of a total loss of off sight power, we were not allowed to start up the Rx (reactor).

Since CA went to deregulated electric power distribution, how have your electric rates been out there?

Brian and Kevin,

Kevin does have friends in PA. I'm also a black belt and now wished I was skilled in Ninjitsu. A flash of smoke or a "touch" and life ends with no trace of evidence. My sister in-law has had to raise her kids on her own because my neice and nephews father is a dead beat dad.

I was raised by a single mother (widowed) and I have worked very hard to make sure my boys have some extra in life. So I have NO tolerance for the jerks that "take up space" in our country.

Even if this guy works under the table, there has to be some legal way to make his life hell. It's the least you could do for all (tongue in cheek) he has done for his children. This just Pi$$e$ me off. I would do anything for my boys possibly something illegal, if warranted. And guys like this don't give a dang.

Sorry, it's just how I feel!


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Hey send everyone on this list a dollar, add you name to the bottom and..... I think you know where this is going, as I am still waiting for the free M&M's I am supposed to get and the $ from microsoft. Seriously dump the xterra, get something 2 years old and save yourself the cash. I am going to drive my little jeep cherokee until it pukes and then some, what ever you do dont sell the bike, you will regret it.

However I know some Iranians looking to score some radioactive material, they said something about the holy war, not to clear on that but....

Just remember to keep your head up, and stay positive, negative thoughts can eat you up in a second, I try and remind myself to think positive thoughts every day, I find it is helpful to count your blessings and not the negatives. Things always tend to pass with time. Good luck friend. Just think you could be me, I sell ultrasound machines to urologists, I have to think, walk and talk about piss and bladders everyday. Dont even ask you dont want to know.

>>> You could be me, I sell ultrasound machines to urologists, I have to think, walk and talk about piss and bladders everyday. Dont even ask you dont want to know.<<<

HAWWWW HAWW HAWW.... Dude... that is so funny!!!

What a job !!

Cracked me up !

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