DrD Head Pipe

I am thinking about a DrD exhaust system for my 08 YZ450. Sometimes I hear that the head pipe is in the way of the oil filter cover. Is this true?

If you don’t put a stud with a back nut on it you would have to remove the head pipe when changing the oil filter?

I have the DrD on my 08...The header is just slightly in the way of the upper oil filter cover bolt, just enough so it wont come all the way out. All I do is loosen the header and rotate it up slightly just enough to remove the bolt...no big deal really.

I fabricated a stud from a longer bolt and installed it in the forward oil filter cover hole. I now use a nut, rather than a bolt to hold that corner down, so I no longer need to loosen the header.

I've got the Dr. D. complete set up on my '08 and I'm able to barely remove the top filter bolt w/o having to move the header around.

That is called a "production variance" in the car business. I can bolt mine down in a position where the bolt will clear, too, but it works its way back to "normal" in a little while.

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