2006 YZ450F transmission fluid change

Hey Guys,

I'm sure someone asked that before, just bought used new to me 2006 YZ450F

and want to make sure all fluids are changed.

But I'm not sure about transmission fluid, how often and what type of fluid, also can't locate the drain plug.

also how much should I put in it ?

Thanks much Mark

Just change the engine oil and you're done.

The transmission and motor take the same oil,the fill plug is on the left side on top of the flywheel. Fill through there and you are covered both motor and tranny.34 ounces with a filter change ,the drain plugs are on the left under the flywheel (1) and on the right lower side case alittle towards the rear(1). 12mm heads .When draining open the fill plug and open the dip stick located at the front of the cases. I will give you a couple oils to choose from,my personal favorites. Mobil Delvac 1300 15/40 DELO 400 15/40 . Of course this is not the only oils to choose from,you can do a search on this topic,and trust me you have more oils to choose from than you can handle. A little tip when draining,after oil stops coming out both oulets,tilt bike to left then right a few times you will see plenty more oil will drain.

get used to changing oil because these bikes need alot of them. i run

mobil 1 4t oil in my bike. i also run it in my sportbike. its been good stuff so far

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