TPS Switch

Has anyone ever made or thought about making a simple handlebar switch to turn on/off the TPS. I just got back from a great Baja ride and hated the stutter I got when having to ride on the hwy:crazy: . I didn't know I could have unplugged the tps until now (too late!)

A switch might be cool for those times when you had to be on the pavement:applause: .

anyway... Just a thought

If...... the TPS is generating a stutter, then you might want to check it to be sure it is properly adjusted.

I'm not really sure you can properly adjust the tps on a 07 + bike . the book says about having the the bike running . There is no way to adjust this on a 07 + that is together enough to run . I did think about just putting a variable resistor in line with it so I could correct the tps voltage out going to the cdi.

by the way most wr's shutter alot more when they are jetted wrong.

I disconnected mine same time I cut my grey wire (98 WR400) It ran good for a couple mins, then would barely run, so I plugged back in the TPS, ran like crap, pulled in the clutch ran the throttle up to WOT two times and it runs great now. Very little stutter even on paved roads. Not really sure what all that did, but maybe it reset the TPS. But mine barely ran with it unplugged. Don't know if that helps at all.

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