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Sharing some good supplemental brake & turn signal lights I put on my motorcycle

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Hi. I want to share with anyone interested about some lights I’ve added to the back of my bike to supplement my brake & turn signal lights. Since the brake lights on my dirt bike are not very bright, I bought a 17” long LED light bar from Hyper-Lights to supplement my brake lights. The light is listed at


At a local welding shop, I had a vertical metal rack attached to my luggage rack to mount the light bar to, and then had the wiring done for it. It is very bright, and I’m very pleased with it. The middle and two outside LEDs light up as running lights, and all 11 LEDs light up when the brakes are applied.

Then I decided to augment my mediocre rear turn signal lights, and after an exchange of many emails with Rich at Hyper-Lights about which lights would work best, I ordered two amber LED marker lights from Hyper-Lights. This light can be seen at:

http://www.hyper-lights.com/product_info.php?cPath=48_59&products_id=440 (The light is a lot brighter than the picture shows it to be.) I had an extra horizontal bar attached to my vertical rack to attach the turn signal LEDs to. They are nice and bright, too. I’ll try to attach some pictures that I took. The first picture is a daylight pic that shows clearly how I mounted the lights. The other three pictures were taken at night. It was difficult to get a picture that showed how bright the lights are, but the last one (taken without a flash) seems to do the best job of showing the brightness.

The folks at Hyper-lights gave me great customer service, patiently answering my many questions before I even ordered the first light bar.

- Paul





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Hey! Very cool! It's even painted "safety yellow" for the daytime! You know, that nicely of an engineered light rack is big enough and probably strong enough so you could weld a passenger seat on to the back of it facing backwards, and carry a friend in style and comfort! I'd keep it light-weight though...I'd probably try something like a metal folding chair without the rear legs. Weld some footpegs on the front legs! And, it should just weld right up to the light bar! I'd also install a racheting safety strap for the rider and add a small cushion for comfort. Great cargo carrier too! Just move your lights out to the sides!

HEY! If you use my idea, you've got to post some more pics though, ok?:D:worthy:🙂

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