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DRZ High Altitude Jetting-Changing setups

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Hi Eddie,

Is there a reasonable way to make it easier to switch back and forth from low to high altitude jetting? Here is my situation:

03 DRZ400S

Stage 1 Dynojet kit; Dyno slide spring, needle with clip on 3rd pos (not 4th like they recommend).

Stock mikuni carb with following setup:

142.5 main

25 pilot

Fuel mix screw 3.5 turns out

3x3 airbox opening

FMF slip on with a 400E headpipe

Stock motor

I mostly ride near the coast, so elevation is 0 to 1000' typically. Once in awhile I ride in the Sierra's at about 7k to 8k feet. At that high altidude I have a problem with low end throttle response, but it seems to run fine above 1/3 throttle.

What is the best approach to solving the low end throttle? Could this be solved via the needle, which is easier to change while on the bike I think, or does the main need changing also?

thanks for your time.


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the slide comes up faster than most bikes on the drz.the main jet is causing your issue.

theres no simple solution.

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