Scribed numbers on my 426

Yesterday while cleaning, changing oil, filter I noticed some marks on the back side of my cylender head. Looks like someone used an engraving tool to put numbers on the head. Is this something that the factory would have put there or has the head been worked on. Deffinetly not stamped letters and numbers I will look at them tonight and post the numbers tomorow I thaught I saw a thread on this same question but I could not find it while searching the 426 fourm:confused: . 01 426

It's most likely had some work done at some point in the past.

I have the same on my 426. To my knowledge the bike has never been modified in any way, and I have been told by the previous owner that nothing was done to it, not even valve inspections (no worries, I checked when I bought the bike and they're still in spec)

I'll try to remember to take some pictures and post them.

have them on my 426 also

I have them also on my 2000 426

ditto, same on my head, engraved numbers. anyone know if this is normal?

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