Anyone know how to get ahold of A-Loop?

Quoted from their web-site:

"Starting in July of 2002 we are still manufacturing the 4SMX seat tank kits (for the XR400 and XR250 only), and all of our other products have been discontinued or sold to other companies. We are no longer stocking Garmin GPS receivers or mapping products. Spare parts for the seat tank kit are still available. Thanks to all of our good friends and customers who have so loyally supported us through the years.

How to contact A-LOOP: We're no longer keeping regular office hours. Please contact us by Mail, Fax or Email"

I e-mailed them a couple of weeks ago and haven't heard back. Maybe someone knows who they sold the kits for the XR600 to, or how else I might go about getting one? Any info would be much appreciated.

Dang! They're closed?!!!

And I just bought all that A-loop stock last spring after I sold off the Enron shares.

Sounds like it's down to a one-man shop and he's probably selling slurpies at the Quickie Mart.

9-11 hurt a bunch of small :(vendors. The guy that built my Dual Sport kit said he was doing pretty well and then bamm! He had like 3 orders in 6 months. 9 months later he moved to Vegas and got a job managing a small cycle shop. Talked to him a few weeks ago and he's still hurting, the bank repo-ed his Truck and his BRP!

Hmmm, if he's subletting space from Apoo, stuck in a corner next to the twinkies and slim-jims & pushing gas tanks on the side, ya think the price might've come down a bit?

I remember an article in one of the moto mags where he was jumping on the free style band wagon. They were reviewing an A-Loop free style bike. Hmmmm... think that might have had something to do with it?

Try THUMPER RACING. Ask for Tina

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