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Can someone help me?

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I was wondering if anyone here could make me a picture using photoshop.

I want one that uses a picture of my girlfriend, faded, black and white, inside a picture of me going through a corner.

I want words that say, "Never ride faster than your angel can fly.", on the picture.

I would also like everything to be black and white except me and my bike.

I will supply the pictures on here, just save them and resize/crop if necessary.

Please PM me the finished project.

And no, I'm not going to take credit for it. My girlfriend knows I can't use photoshop, lol.

So thanks, and the pics are below.


That is what I want except faded more, edited, and just made to look better lol.


Here is the pic of me.


Here is the pic of my girlfriend.

Thanks guys!

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