I'm 230lb with a wr450--Suspension ???setup

Just joined TT and have enjoyed reading all of the helpful threads. I pick up my new 08 wr450 next week and want to know what if anything I should do to my suspension. Im 5'10 and a muscualr 230 that hasn't rode many dirt backs in the last 15 years. I have a BMW adventure that I trail ride but nothing like the capabilities of the 450. I used to race MX when I was a kid and I still expect to ride aggressive trails as soon as i get the rust out and get used to my bike. I will do all of the performance mods day one and am looking for suggestions that might improve the suspension without completely replacing the entire suspension. I see that in most of these reviews these riders are 150 to 180 pounds and they have a few complaints about bottoming out so i cant imagine what an extra 60-70 pounds might feel like on rough trails at moderate speed. I thank you all for the input and future discussions that come from this topic.

jason from KC,MO.

From a personal experience with the 07 WR I can say a sure fire fix is to get a set of 06+ YZ forks and send them and the shock out to Suspension by Jake for re-valve. I had the stock WR forks re-valved and re sprung by Noleen and they were good, but for a desert racebike you cant beat the YZ forks. Jake is taking care of my bike now and his work is amazing. I still have the set of WR forks sitting in the garage sprung and valved for 220lb rider that are great for an aggressive trail rider.

Yep.. send it to a pro. But if you want something quick and easy, get yourself some new springs and install them yourself like I did initially. Then setup your suspension again

The bike will feel a lot better.

btw.. I eventually sent my suspension to a pro who set it up for me. But in the beginning, I saved a lot by doing the springs for $200 front and rear.

I am a bit heavier than you (and dropping pounds). Springs are a must. You can get it re-valved once you get the rust knocked off, it will makes a huge improvement over stock with just springs. My suspension guy ditched the old front "valve" setup for a YZ type valve.

i definitely agree with these guys.

i would start with front and rear springs. get the sag set right, and get your clickers dialed in.

when you've been on the bike for a while, get a revalve, and you'll be set.

thanks for all of the replies. sending this thing to a pro seems to be the ticket but here in Kansas City I am wondering that if my dealer can point me in the right direction if not have it dialed in there

Race Tech...It is absolutely amazing if you are willing to spend the money.

money is not a big concern if in reason. what do you think I am looking at ($) to make this more suitable and is this something I can do myself. I am fairly capable with tools but have not done anything like this before

To have both forks and shock re valved and setup for your correct weight, riding skill you can expect to spend anywhere from $500-$800. Sounds like alot but it is worth every penny. Most people usually have no problem spending that much on a pipe that will not improve the ride performance at all. Check the classified section on here. You may see what you need.

NoleenJ6 in california they are very good the guys name is clark jones

I did the springs first for my weight,235lbs. This made a world of difference. The bike felt responsive,lighter when riding around,not when lifting up though. Could not get the shock to feel right and when it started to seep some oil I sent off to rebuilder for repair and revalve. Now it rides like I had been trying get it to all along

I changed my front and back springs, .48 factory connection's with 7.5 weight oil on the front, on the back is a race tech 5.8, I'm 225lbs. This seems to work 4 me? ok, without spending loads of money, and in keeping the cushy ride the wr has to offer! Sky the limit when it comes to this topic?? YZ or WR, as far as the stock setup at our weight---yuk--- you can do the springs yourself with the proper tools ($75), besides you will have the mods to do? If I had to do it again I would like to have all the parts at hand.

Springs, fork oil, ais kit, jetting and niddle kit, muffler(dr.d ) powerbomb header, baja road kit, skid plate, twin air, hand gaurds, etc. etc. let the fun begin:ride:

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