im looking for big ugly mean mean canadian

i think i might have been burned buying bike in auction.i bought yz80 from st. albert loan &exchange over month ago and still havent received bike.owner [Ken Campbell]says bike was shipped 3 weeks ago i think he full of looking for someone to go pay him a visit for me to see if he is telling truth.the more intimidating you are the better.i hate getting burned ,now im going to probably waste my frequent flyer miles just to put my foot in someones @ss.

Ask for the shipping information..

Is ST Albert in Ont.

st.albert,alberta everytime i try and get shipping info he says he will call them and call me back

If I'm in the area, I'll pay a visit. Probably not until after New Years, keep me posted. I'm ugly and kind of mean :)

banffboy,"thanks ill keep you informed" i figure im going to have to visit this guy myself.i was planning on giving bike to my nephew for Christmas so im prettyr not really concerned with losing the money.i more mad because i told this guy bike was a Christmas gift and he said "no problem you'l have it in plenty of time".im sure im not the first he has scammed,but im going to do my best to make sure im the last.i would like to file a small claims lawsuit against this guy.if someone in canada could send me paperwork i will need to do this i would appreciate it.


it might just take a while.. i just today got my suspension pivot bolt from Edmonton, Alberta cananda.. was sent on the 1st of Dec... they are being really strict at the borders from what i hear. i am waiting on a gasket kit from canada.. was supposed to have shipped air on the 10th... still hasn't arrived.. i hope you didn't get screwed....

Who is Garret and where is his site. Thanks, Tim


if he at least can't provide you with the shippers name and a waybil number i would say he's taken you for a ride , have you contacted e-bay ? or if you know his name and address call the nearest police station to his location and file a fraud complaint against him . if it was in fact shipped , 3 weeks seems like a long time , the shipping company would be able to confirm if the bike is being held at customs waiting for proper paper work to get it across the border.

he said,it was shipped canadian freight.thats about all info i have about shipping.

If he is using a bike transport company, they tend to send them first to a hub site, then off to the final destination. It can take time to get it transported. However, I can't see why he does not provide shipper info and a contact number to the carrier so that you could take it up with them personally.

Freestyle, AS the others have said, get the way bill shipping number from the person in which you made the deal.

Canadian Freightways Customer service number here in Calgary is (403) 243-7701. If the seller can provide you with a ship #, then verify it with the ship Co.

I doubt you are up against a con man.



IF he said he shipped Canadain send me a PM with all your detals, your address, hes, time's. I have a good friend that works for them and I will make a call. And if need be I will get together with bannfboy and go for a ride/visiting/good talking to/get your bike trip.

Just so you know before I will do this you will have to prove to me that you did give him the money etc....


thanks for the help guys.i hope im just paranoid.

too bad it wasn'y St albert On. I could have sent over my mother in law.

The cheapest way to ship that bike by far would be to have it air freighted, believe it or not. Air Canada Cargo will air freight a bike to any destination it flies to where it uses wide body jets, for a much cheaper price than a trucking company.

I called them again and he gave me the same BS line "I don't have a tracking number because it's going throw customs and they don't give out tracking numbers till it clears" Bull S*%t. IF you bought this throw EBay give them a call and shut down their account.The person from St Albert has siad everything from we ship a hunder things out the door a day (I wounder how he keeps track of all thows item being shiped with out tracking numbers)Twice he has told me that he will get the information and call me back within an hour.

This is what I would do, find a place that has three way calling call him and if he says I will call the shipping company you call them and get both partys on the line. IF he try's to put it off then just come out and say it. You are trying to rip me off I want my money back.

Just let me know and I will dig up the police phone numbers for hes area along with anyother information you need

Don't believe him (banffboy), freestyle! Well, maybe the ugly part. :) You'll have more luck finding a Canadian with a suntan on his bum in December than ever finding a "MEAN" one!

In Canada, "mean" is defined as someone who didn't go out of his way to be polite and helpful! You could maybe find find one that will "kill you with kindness", though. :D


I don't mean to make light of your predicament, though. I drive truck for a living and have worked for a major int'l. freight carrier and been back and forth across that border many times. If he shipped via ANY reputable carrier, he can find out exactly where (they think) it is at any moment.

Mistakes DO happen, and customs is always unpredictable (especially U.S.), but customs is not a black hole; they have to account for everything in and out, too. If anything, there are MORE ways to track an int'l shipment: There are SEVERAL tracking/indentifying numbers for shipments. The shipper's, the carrier's, as well as Customs. Everything MUST go through a broker.

Just get the contact info for the carrier and the broker. Surely he can tell you that? Deal with them. YOU are paying for their service, aren't you? They will have a record of any pickup they made at that shipper and its status.

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