Where are these fires?

Rode the poker run yesterday myself. Had fun, but it was very surreal, the sky, the previous burn. 1st poker run for me too. The course did seem a little too challenging for beginners/little ones. It makes me soo mad that those idiots think its ok to have a fire. I just read that Pike National Forrest is now closed. No riding, camping, anything.

The 9news website has a better map of the fire area. Well, same map but with the topography lines.

9News Hayman Fire Map

Have they caught the people responsible?

Originally posted by Dougie:

Am I reading that map correctly (the one from Kerry T's link)? Did the fire jump the road and pick up at the south end of Rampart? Someone tell me I'm not.

I'd like to be able to, but I agree with your assessment. The fire did jump 67 sometime last night. The wife heard that on the news.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE..............DONT let this campfire have been started by dirt bikers. We are so over with if it was one of us.


looks like all of us CO riders will be investing in street legal tires...because there wont be any trails left to ride on!

look at the bright side...atleast many of you got one last ride out there at rampart this past weekend! i spent the day rejetting/changing oil/cleaning dust seals/etc. instead of riding...big mistake!

fingers crossed, toes crossed, everything crossed...that it doesnt burn up rampart!


Since Rampart appears to be history, here's some other suggestions for you Colorado guys:


Taylor Park

San Juans

Rainbow trail

Granby area

Waldon area - Grizzly Helena trail

Steamboat - Hahns Peak area

Southeastern Utah is WAY too hot in the Summer, stick to the spring and fall.

There is still alot of good riding, your just going to be driving further!

WEnt outside this morning in Highlands Ranch, smells like a big old campfire-just grey air all over the place. The sky wasn't quite as dark but it was definitely the thickest smoke down low so far...

Not good, not good! 9news reports fire is moving NE right through Rampart.

I agree with Gee that there are many other places to ride (so far). But there is nothing like Rampart. Only 40 minutes from Denver with miles and miles of trails through the trees. Plus it was the first to open and and last to close in colder months. It looks like only mountain riding for a while. Day trips from Denver area are Idaho Springs or Breckenridge (Webster Pass and Red Hill).

You never know what you got until it's gone. I will miss Rampart if it goes totally up.

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