Quick licensing question for the Utah folks

I go to school in UT, but my perminate residence is in CA. I'm looking to buy and register a WR450 in UT. How easy is it to get a plate AND once I get the plate, does it need to be inspected every year, or can I just pay the fees by mail? After I graduate, I'd like to keep the bike registered in UT without driving back to have the bike inspected.



If I remember correctly, you have to be a resident in Utah for six months. Plan on mods to make your WR street legal, but depending on where you buy your bike, I am sure the dealer will be more than accomodating to help you on this, but yes you will need to have the bike inspected each year when you reregister.

My friend got his KTM 520 street legal, laugh :) so anything is possible here in Utah.

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