just made guard for wb headpipe

hopefully this will stop pipe from being dented or burning holes in pants.i welded 2 nuts on my wb tapered headpipe then made this pipe guard.its made out of 3\16 aluminum and ways less than 3 ounces but still seems pretty strong mypipeguard1.JPGpipeguard.jpgpipeguard2.jpg

anyone interested in having one made $25 pm me

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Thats trick. What did you use to to get the right bend?

clamped sheet to a 1 1\2 pipe then rolled it around pipe by hitting with rubber mallet and heating it with torch.then mounted guard on headpipe to fine tune shape leaving 1\4in air space between guard and headpipe.after i had finished shaping guard so airspace was even all the way around guard.pulled it off pipe and drilled holes to help cooling.finally sanded and polished

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who wants one?

That almost looks like it is aftermarket. GOod work.

Did you just use tin-snips to cut it down?

what do you mean almost.this guard looks better than any guard or heatshield ive seem on market.the aluminum plate im using is a little to hard for tin-snips.i have to use jigsaw and then grinder.pipeguard2.jpg

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