top end and bottom end 06 yz450f

hey guys,

just got this bike couple days ago and the seller was honest enough to tell me, that he never did a top or bottom end on it.

now, i want to get the top end done just in case, but while i'm at it should i do bottom, too ?

i usually do all of my repairs myself and i'm pretty sure i can do the top, but i'm not sure what it takes to do bottom, do i have to take the cases apart ?

Also where do you buy the parts and what all should i get. i always buy stuff i need from

thanx much

found complete bottom and top kit for $600 is it good price or would it be cheaper to buy OEM parts from Yamaha ?

i rebuilt the top end on my 06 recently. i didnt rebuild the bottom end. the bottom end is usually pretty stout. as long as there wasnt dirt and the oil was changed regularly the crank and rod bearings should be ok.

I just had my top end rebuilt and replaced the crank bearings and other stuff while I was there. (I had other problems with mine do to worn gear teeth from my shift index lever and stuff so I had to replace more than normal). Obviously, I would check your valves to make sure there in spec (most likely are) and valve seats. The bottom end on these bikes are pretty solid but if you find anything fishy in there, remember it's better to be safe thank sorry. Also, throw in a new cam chain while you're in there. Good luck!:):D

how difficult is the bottom end compare to top end to do ?

u would have to remove the motor and split the cases, u will need a flyhweel puller and possibly a case splitter.

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