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03 KX125 Ride report

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Well I rode my 03 KX125(134) for the first time last Wednesday, I bought a paddle and took it to the dunes. IT DID AWESOME. My 85 was so hard to control in the sand, wouldn't climb hills and was really uncontrollable. Now this bigger bike is just point and open. Except going slow in DEEP ruts. It also isn't as tipsy. It was about 110+ outside, it boiled a lot coolant out once in a really tight rock/sand/uphill section where I died out, and it doesn't have a over flow hose so it dripped onto the rad and steamed. I think Im going to order a 1:6 cap. The bike has very bad head shake, not sure the cause or how to fix. The forks are flush with the clamps if that matters, the suspension isn't dialed, sag set, or even set up for my weight. I'm going to have to rejet. DUH. It takes 5-8 kicks to start oppose to where its jetted for it took one kick. There is THICK black spooge dripping out of the silencer. The spooge is still coming out of the cylinder ( Or maybe the power valve rubber piece?), I ordered a FMF spring and o-ring kit, the o-rings fit but the springs were way too long. So I used the ghetto collapsible spring that it had on there, and safety wired the other side together. I need a new bottom chain guard/guide thing. The metal bottom is worn through. I need like 5 new rear spokes. It needs a oil change. I need to put on the brake pads and UNI filter, and carb line I bought.

Question: Why did Kawasaki put one of the rad hoses between the pipe and frame?

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